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Facebook?! You Betchya!!

2010-08-11 02:08:33 by Gravey

Yes, that is right. I am officially a member of Facebook. This site allows me to protect my music from being downloaded, so I will be updating it more regularly.

Does this mean I am no longer posting to Newgrounds? Absolutely not. I will continue to post free music here for all of you lovely lovely people. But there are some things, such as my album, that I wish to be able to sell. And there are flash projects that have not been released yet that I can share music on by streaming it through Facebook, whereas I can't here on Newgrounds because I cannot let other people have the music to download before the flashes are released.

So my Facebook account will be updated more frequently, and with more variety of music. But I still will be uploading to Newgrounds in the future. :-)

Gravey's Music Page

"Like" the above page.

Gravey's Personal Page

Please add me as a friend on the second page. Just make sure to let me know you are a Newgrounder, that way I know you are not going to send me tons of spam and junk mail. :-)

I look forward to speaking with and getting to know many of my listeners on a more personal level.


P.S. - Best song on Newgrounds....PERIOD!!!

Facebook?!  You Betchya!!


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2010-08-11 02:38:43

added you on facebook. in my opinion myspace is a dead medium.

Gravey responds:

Wonderful! Which one are you again? Lol! :-P



2010-08-11 03:57:56

I agree with Jazza, myspace is dead. The music players never work properly for me and I just don't go there anymore unless I can find no other links from someone.

(Updated ) Gravey responds:

Ah, but I do love Myspace for the bands. It's the only reason I ever sign on anymore. I've found so many great bands. That being said, it isn't a great social medium anymore I agree. Doesn't hurt to have a page up though. ;-)



2010-08-16 14:26:24


Gravey responds:

I've explained this time and time again. Read the responses to the news post regarding the music I deleted. I explained to several people exactly why the older music was deleted.



2010-09-05 15:55:49

I'd add you on Facebook, if i had one ;p

Gravey responds:

You should get a Facebook account then. <3



2010-11-03 01:15:47

amazing music sir

Gravey responds:




2010-11-12 22:02:04

You have a song I'm interested in using in my game, I was wondering if you would like to talk more about it over PM or Skype or Aim?

Gravey responds:

PM sent.



2010-11-21 18:27:07

Added ya! keep up the great work man!

Gravey responds:




2011-02-18 23:23:31

you know you can change your setting here too so you dont have the download option and it really doesnt matter because there are add-ons for firefox called right to click and there a few others as well which allow you to download whatever you want or rather click and grab what ever you want just a heads up as for me im done with all networking sites so this is my last comment on any1s page and the last any1 will hear from me on the net so goodbye and i loved your music man ill pop in time to time to give your stuff a listen like ive always said good work and keep it up ;)

Gravey responds:

Glad you enjoyed my music. Much appreciated. :-)



2011-02-19 17:37:44


Gravey responds:




2011-03-24 16:01:45

*spams a like button*

Gravey responds:

Hahaha! <3



2011-08-28 00:31:14

I'm happy for you. Glad to see you're trying to expand out some more :).

Gravey responds:

Thank you very much.



2011-09-04 23:49:43

(>O.O)> I AM BACK <(O.O<)

Gravey responds:

Welcome back.



2011-12-08 21:07:06

Can I ask you something?
How DO you delete your own music?
I can't figure it out...

I'll give you a cookie, if you want.

Gravey responds:

There is a delete option for each song in your audio submission page. Just click and and confirm you want the track deleted.

If the song has had over 3,000 listens or has been used in a flash you will need to pm a moderator about it. Cause it needs to be deleted through someone with the right authority. And even then it's not deleted from what I've been told. It's only hidden.

Hope this helps.