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The animation is pretty good in this little flash vid. So good job with that.

The sound effects were a bit off in the sense that they were obviously sound effects. They seemed almost out of place in a weird way to me. I'm not trying to nit pick, but they just sounded a bit too fake. You cut them off too quickly in areas and had some odd volume edits in others.

The voice overs were pretty decent. The only issue for me is that they are obviously all done by Gaia. Now that isn't a bad thing in the sense that she isn't a good voice actor. On the contrary, she is quite good. But this would definitely benefit from another voice actor helping out.

As with the animation itself, I enjoyed the artwork. I really felt the artwork enhanced the movie, so kudos there.

Lastly I personally feel it was a bit too short. But that is only my personal opinion, so take it as you will there.

5/5 and 9/10 overall. I enjoyed this little diddy. So nice work both of you. :-)



This kicks ass! Very nice job bud!


I Like It...

The art was really good, as was the animation.

It was eery in a way, and very odd how he transformed. But it was very original and cool. And like I said, the animation was very smooth.

The sound effects were appropriate. Nothing phenomenal, but still appropriate.

Maybe something a little longer with a story next time perhaps?

4/5 ans 7/10 overall. Nice work here bud.


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The Xbox version might be decent. But this is boring and rather dumb in all honesty. The art and graphics are decent. But as a game, this is bad.

And don't say flash can't handle more than this, which is what you said above. I've seen some pretty in depth flash games. It might not be able to handle everything the Xbox version can. But you could really do more than this.

This is simply an advertisement for the full version on Xbox Live. And that kinda urks me.

0/0 and 0/10 overall. If you want to make Xbox Live games that is fine. But don't post an Xbox Live game with only one level or mode of play. I mean shit, other people put demos and the such here on Newgrounds as well. But nine times out of ten there is a lot more than this in them


I Don't Have A Webcam...

But I'm voting 5/5 and 10/10 anyways because you used one of my songs in it! :-D

Thanks man!


Holonboy responds:

Ummmm. Your welcome, I think.


I'm giving you a 5/5 and 10/10 for using one of the songs I posted! :-D


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Alright, where to begin...

This sounds like a beginner's type of track. Before I get into too much detail, don't get discouraged. We all start somewhere small, and progress from there.

What I mean by this sounds like a beginner's type of track is that it lacks direction. There is no form or structure here. You should try to lay out a path you want to take your tracks in. A good way to do this is to think of your song in chunks. One chunk is verse 1, then another chunk is a chorus, then verse 2, then chorus, etc.

Also, while thinking of the song in chunks horizontally, you need to think vertically. There is no true melody, nor harmony present. Find an idea, and expand on that idea. Let that idea be the base of your song, it's melody. Then build around it little subtexts and layers to support it, this is it's harmony. In pop music, electronic music, and many other forms of music, power chords are quite popular.

Lastly, think about what direction you want the song to go in. Does it start happy and stay that way? Or does it become darker towards the end? Thinking of things like this before you write makes it so much easier to compose coherent and thoughtful songs.

Right now there are a lot of sounds and tid bits going on. But they have no structure, direction, or cohesiveness. This is what you need to work on in your upcoming tracks. Try to limit yourself at first to only a couple instruments. This will make it easier for you to focus on the things I mentioned above.

Best of luck.

1.5/5 and 3/10 overall.


cheezz responds:

Thanks for the advice, there's actually only three instruments in the song, one powerful synth, one synth with an arpeggio and one drumset. Plus one other synth that comes in twice. The composition is largely rhythmically based on Stravinsky's Piano Rag, this one is actually more of an experiment. I guess I should change the category. My other songs are more structured (listen to one and give me your feedback), I think of this as being free form. The bad review kind of bums me out because I like this song :(

Nifty, just a bit repetitive for my taste. Catchy though.

Really didn't dig the bass guitar tone, nor that last wobbly synth. Probably would have tried to fatten that bass guitar tone a bit. Sounds like a bass preset from FL Studio I used years ago...BooBass I think it was called.

All in all though, it is unique. And that counts for something.

3.5/5 and 7/10 overall.


Nice Work...

This is actually pretty good for background music. Albeit I think it would be more appropriate for a main level theme than a boss battle. Reason being most boss' have a theme of some sort. A melody that signifies who they are. This track doesn't seem to have a melody that is discernible.

That being said this is good stuff for background audio. I like it a lot actually. The sound quality is pretty good as is the mix.

5/5 and 9/10 overall.


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This really makes me laugh. The idea and concept behind it is simple, as well as the Photoshopping you did I'm pretty sure. But that aside the humor this brought me really leans me toward giving you good marks.

Plus I enjoy the fact its on the front page instead of all the "fine art" stuff posted in the art forum. I'm sure some people will be up in arms over this, which makes it all the more comical. Yes, this is chock full of goodness on several levels for sure.

5/5 and 10/10 overall. (Despite the fact that I can't actually vote on it at the time of posting this review.) :-P


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