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If you would like me to compose audio for a flash, please send me a private message on Facebook. I will respond as soon as I receive your message. https://www.facebook.com/graveystudios

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Posted by Gravey - October 1st, 2014

It has been about 4 years since I actively participated on Newgrounds.  I come back on occassion to check up on my inbox and my page.  It always amazes me how I have not consistently released music here for at least 3 years, and yet I still receive messages from fans and friends.  Thanks guys, always appreciate the kind words!


I want you all to know that if you send me a message, I will respond.  I have responded to every message sent to me through the years.  However, with life having become so busy I do not get to this site often enough to answer messages consistently.  I just want you guys to know that I do appreciate you and thank you for all your wonderful messages and inquisitive ventures to see what I am up to.


I am always happy to share my day to day dealings with friends and fans here on Newgrounds.  If you want to hear some music of mine that is not on Newgrounds, you can check out my music page at the link below.


Gravey's Music Page


Also if you wish to be in touch with me on a more consistent basis, please feel free to add me on Facebook.  Please send a private message with who you are, and that you are from Newgrounds.  I get a lot of spam adds, so I do screen my friend requests.  But I am always happy to add a fellow Newgrounder.  :-)


Gravey's Personal Facebook Page


To update you on my current situation, I am working on audio to an extent.  I just started a new job and am running a store in the retail industry.  I am hoping this to be a short term fix until I open up my own private coffee house in my hometown.  This is taking up nearly all of my free time.


As for audio, I am waiting for a friend to get a project started in full swing.  He has an animation series that might be getting "big brand" backing, and I will be composing the audio for it.  I might start working on music again in a couple months independently as well as working with some local bands on producing and doing post production for them.


So althought there is little in terms of new releases and updates here on Newgrounds, I am keeping busy.  Hopefully I will be able to post some audio here for you guys to listen to in the near future.


Take care guys!





Posted by Gravey - August 11th, 2010

Yes, that is right. I am officially a member of Facebook. This site allows me to protect my music from being downloaded, so I will be updating it more regularly.

Does this mean I am no longer posting to Newgrounds? Absolutely not. I will continue to post free music here for all of you lovely lovely people. But there are some things, such as my album, that I wish to be able to sell. And there are flash projects that have not been released yet that I can share music on by streaming it through Facebook, whereas I can't here on Newgrounds because I cannot let other people have the music to download before the flashes are released.

So my Facebook account will be updated more frequently, and with more variety of music. But I still will be uploading to Newgrounds in the future. :-)

Gravey's Music Page

"Like" the above page.

Gravey's Personal Page

Please add me as a friend on the second page. Just make sure to let me know you are a Newgrounder, that way I know you are not going to send me tons of spam and junk mail. :-)

I look forward to speaking with and getting to know many of my listeners on a more personal level.


P.S. - Best song on Newgrounds....PERIOD!!!

Facebook?!  You Betchya!!

Posted by Gravey - March 10th, 2010

I was able to get hold of Tom Fulp and asked him to delete a lot of my older music. I made a news post a while back outlining the fact that I would be taking nearly everything down from this site. I left the news post up for well over a month in order for everyone to have a chance to see it. So please do not ask me for mp3s of the songs I had deleted.

I will not be finished with making music, nor will I stop posting music here on Newgrounds. But I will be limiting things that I post here for the most part because I am currently working on music for my label to sell on their site. When I get things in order I will let everyone know.

Thanks for your understanding and support everyone.

Also, I did some custom audio for a little flash project. You can see it here.

- Thanks again to InvisibleObserver for the profile art! -

Deleted Music